About Us

Being a Rhode Island native, I grew up knowing that there was something different about Rhode Islanders. And I don’t mean the fact that we drink coffee milk and “aarenge” juice – I mean that something feels different when you cross the border from RI to our neighbors to the north and west. People from Massachusetts are bad drivers and people from Connecticut are boring, but what is “it” about Rhode Islanders?

This is the podcast/blog/adventure that’s dedicated to figuring it out.

RI Flag Blue

Each week, we’re traveling around the state and talking to community leaders, residents with historical significance, or just downright interesting people to find out what the deal is with Rhode Island. Behind this mission is a strongly held belief that each and every person has a story worth telling. Not all of us make the front page of the Journal, but all of us, in our own ways, do news-worthy things that are worth recording and sharing.

We take this belief as our starting point and try to untangle it by looking at the state through three different perspectives:


We’re trying to explore the history of Rhode Island from the “bottom-up”, lived experiences of its residents. Local, state, or national – we’re covering it all.

Culture and Identity

By running around like maniacs and interrupting the days of people whose time is super valuable, we hope to understand what makes the culture and identities of the inhabitants of RI unique.


In addition to addressing these vague, abstract concepts, we also get to hear about real, meaningful work that’s being done on the ground in our state in a variety of different fields, from politics to religion to preservation to conservation. Nice!