Stepstone Falls: RI’s Hidden Oasis

When I spoke with Ernie Germani (if you missed that post, find it here), I asked him where his favorite place in Rhode Island to hike was. Maybe that was an unfair question to ask someone who’s hiked 450+ trails in 4 years but, hey, I was curious!

He didn’t tell me what his favorite was, but he did say that if he were looking to get someone hooked on hiking, he’d send them to Stepstone Falls. So, this weekend, I decided to investigate for myself.

You have to get past a pretty washed-out dirt road to make it to the falls, but once my VW Station Wagon dragged itself over the rocks and ravines… well, the pictures speak for themselves. Click on any of the images to zoom in.

If you missed it in Wednesday’s article, check out Ernie’s hiking blog at Or, better yet, take a trek on the trails!

Stepstone Falls is located on Falls River Road in West Greenwich, RI.