First-Time Site Users: Click Here!

Because new websites can be a little bit overwhelming at first, and because I needed to fill the spot where the site was telling me there were no blog posts even though there are, in fact, blog posts on this blog, here are three steps to navigating this website for first-time users. 

1. Subscribe to our podcast (and if you like it, leave a review!)

If you are familiar with podcasts, this one should be pretty easy. Just log onto wherever you get your podcasts, search “What’s the 401” (it might take a bit to find because we’re so new), and click that beautiful, glowing subscribe button. Subscribing will keep you up to date with all our latest episodes, and it will let us know how we’re doing – win-win!

If you’re feeling really generous, you could always leave a review. Reviews and subscriptions are important, especially on iTunes, because they boost our chances of appearing on the “New and Noteworthy” section of the website. If you think we’re noteworthy please consider leaving a review! – we’ll handle the “new” part.

(Alternatively, clicking on any of the scrolling episodes at the very top of the page will take you to the podcast right here on this site. But we’d rather you subscribe!)

2. Check out our menu.

No, not a food menu. Sorry to get your hopes up. Our menu serves the same purpose, though – it lets you know what we’ll be serving up. We’ll be putting posts on here daily, so be sure to check the sections that interest you often to find the new content.

3. Like us on Facebook!

Because as all Rhode Islanders know, word of mouth is the best advertising! And Facebook is like, your digital mouth. Or something like that.